Wambule Rai language conference held

Full text. Taken from the website of Kantipur, 22 October 2006.

Manebhanjyang (Okhaladhunga), Oct 22 - Wambule Rai Society and Limbu-Bhumju Tri Monthly Magazine family jointly organized a linguistic conference here in the district. Dr Jean Robert Opgenort and Dr Lal Syakarelu Rapacha presented papers on Historical Documents of Wambule language and A Comparative Study of Kiranti Languages of Wallo Kirant respectively on the occasion.

Presenting the papers, the veteran linguists pointed out the need to develop a written script to promote Wambule language that is alive only in Khotang and southern parts of Okhaladhunga district. British linguist Brien Hutson Hudson had first carried out research on the Wambule language and had given it the new name -- Chourasya Rai language -- in 1957.