196 Indian languages are on endangered list

Full text. Taken from the website of NRI-Worldwide, 26 October 2009.

Linguists say 196 Indian languages are on the endangered list what with Hindi and English being the education system in India.

Jean Robert Opgenort a Unesco researcher for endangered languages in the Himalayas said as a linguist they can help but eventually it is the communities that must want to preserve their language.

At an international seminar in Delhi organised by heritage conservation body Intach to assess the findings of the Unesco Atlas of the World’s Languages in Danger, Chairman S K Mishra said Educationists must drive a plan and policy to encourage mother tongues to be learned in the initial stages. In the global scenario English and the dominance of Hindi is phasing out many languages.

The seminar proposed recommendations such as suggesting parents propagate mother tongues and authorities tackle monolingualism in schools by stressing on other languages at the primary level.