My main research interests are the Kiranti languages, a major family of Tibeto-Burman languages spoken by various ethnic groups indigenous to eastern Nepal, specifically the Sunwar, Rai, Yakkha and Limbu. My research focusses on the description of hitherto undescribed and endangered Kiranti languages and the reconstruction of Proto-Kiranti, the hypothetical ancestor of all modern Kiranti languages.

Languages I worked on

During my affiliation with the Himalayan Languages Project at Universiteit Leiden, I wrote a grammar of Wambule, a Western Kiranti language. Later, when I took part in the research project Languages and Genes of the Greater Himalayan Region at Universiteit Leiden, I wrote a grammar of Jero. More recently, during my appointment at the Department of Linguistics at Bern University, I did fieldwork on Tilung, which is one of the most endangered languages in Nepal. I am also interested in descriptive research on my mother tongue Limburgs.